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AixBOMS Bundles and Product Lines

In addition to the AixBOMS Enterprise solution AixpertSoft offer a number of software packages which have been designed to meet the requirements of specific customer groups. These packages are all based on the same software code and feature set as AixBOMS Enterprise. This makes it easy to roll out any enhancements built for the Enterprise solution to the corresponding parts of the derived software packages.

AixBOMS bundles and product lines  


The first criteria which distinguishes the different AixBOMS software packages is the number of documented objects or CIs (Configuration Items) they can support. For example, the maximum number of CIs for the AixBOMS Trial is 300, for AixBOMS SaaS and AixBOMS SMB it is 50,000; there is no upper limit for AixBOMS Enterprise. How many CIs are actually supported in a customer installation is governed by the CI package licensed by the customer.

The second criteria is the software package’s feature set. AixBOMS SMB, for example, focuses on four available modules: RackView Editor, Floor Plan Editor, Area Plan Editor and Power Management; each of these modules can be licensed stand-alone or combined with any other module(s).



AixBOMS SaaS and AixBOMS SMB have been designed to meet the growing interest shown by and specific requirements of small- and medium-sized customers looking for a cost-efficient yet feature-rich solution which can be deployed without the need for customizing or an extensive implementation project.

The AixBOMS SCP package caters for the specific and extensive requirements of Service & Cloud Providers.

AixBOMS for Service and Cloud Providers


All our product lines share a common code core, which allows for a straightforward upgrade process from a basic package to a more powerful one. The full Enterprise version can provide optional access to all AixBOMS modules and any required number of CIs. It supports bespoke customization as well as the AixBOMS Development Suite for customer-specific in-house developments of forms, reports, etc. It also provides a powerful toolset for linking AixBOMS Enterprise to third party applications such as trouble ticket systems or ERP software. Standard and individual trainings as well as topic-related workshops are available from AixpertSoft in order to support customer installations.

AixBOMS Topics
Are you IPv6 ready


Whereas the various AixBOMS packages take into account different customer groups’ specific requirements, the topics listed below are covered by ongoing enhancements within the AixBOMS standard modules. Currently, a major emphasis in AixBOMS development is being driven by our customers’ requirements with regards to IPv6.

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