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The CMDB as knowledge database for efficient error resolution

AixBOMS Problem Management: Software for incident and problem management

As a preconfigured solution for efficient ticket management, AixBOMS Problem Management controls the registration, processing and documentation of fault messages (incidents), problems, known errors, workarounds and solutions based on predefined rules and workflows. The necessary workflows and reports can be customized to meet the customers’ requirements, by and large covering the standard tasks of their day-to-day business. Additional information, such as contractual and configuration data, can be accessed – to enhance troubleshooting efficiency – by means of the integrated and ITIL-compliant AixBOMS CMDB. AixBOMS ensures secure access to all data and ProMa functions through its sophisticated user concept.

AixBOMS Workflow Management

In service management according to ITIL, the service desk (UHD) is the central and single point of contact whose task it is to independently solve a high percentage of all incidents. This is the basis for the standard process in AixBOMS Problem Management: all incoming incident tickets are either processed directly or forwarded to the responsible groups within ProMa. Once a ticket is solved, the appropriate ProMa group (hotline, service desk, etc.) is notified. This in turn performs quality assurance according to predefined routing methods, e.g. making a callback to the person reporting the fault. If the solution is acceptable, the ticket moves to the “closed” status: The ticket is finally removed from the ProMa process. The tickets and their actual status are stored in the CMDB, continuously brought up-to-date and can be accessed by AixBOMS Reporting at any time. This supports predefined report templates for optimization analyses widely used by trouble ticketing systems.

Problem Management - Statusmodell Statusmodell (simplified)


Dashboards (statistics) provide an overview of resolution success rate, number of tickets per department, etc. Solution methods can also be stored in the database and later recalled for troubleshooting when dealing with similar problems. Additional useful information, such as device, configuration and personal data, site, cost center, sales agreements, SLAs, etc., is available to the ticket owner through standard integration with the AixBOMS CMDB. This removes the need for time-consuming analyses during fault diagnosis and can be attached to the tickets for solution documentation.

AixBOMS Problem Management - Tree and Form

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  • CMDB-based incident and problem management
  • Preconfigured for immediate use of master and CMDB data
  • Workflow engine basis according to WfMC for solution and escalation processes
  • Workflows, reports and statistical dashboards are included for out-of-the-box analyses
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