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AixBOMS Cable Management: Software for Cable Management

In addition to planning and managing configuration items (CIs) for heterogeneous infrastructures in the area of Information and Telecommunication Technology (ITT), the AixBOMS Cable Management application puts a special emphasis on the physical link management according to ISO/OSI layer 1. For traditional, structured cabling in the area of local area networks (primary, secondary and tertiary), as well as unstructured LANs and complex MAN/WAN structures, the software enables you to efficiently plan, manage and control your physical infrastructure. The mapping granularity from component level down to individual wires and fibers can be flexibly adjusted according to your specific requirements.

Users quickly obtain an overview of the documented infrastructure using a variety of graphical views like web forms, tree structure analysis, single or mass connection analysis and various diagrams within a standardized user interface. User-friendly editors let you customize these views without the need for additional graphics software.

AixBOMS Example Maps for Cable Management

AixBOMS Maps for Landscape, Site, Floor, ...

AixBOMS Common Connection Wizard

AixBOMS Common Connection Wizard


The RackView Editor offers a photo-realistic realtime visualization of your distribution racks’ structural and patching information. RackView automatically gathers all graphical elements from the CMDB data to consolidate them in the front and rear view of your distribution cabinets. Any installed components such as splice boxes, switches, routers and patch panels are displayed according to their position and assignment.

AixBOMS DCIM RackView Editor for Switch Server Storage

AixBOMS RackView Editor

AixBOMS Port Editor

AixBOMS Port Editor

With the integrated Floor Plan Editor you can present floor and area drawings without additional graphical software. A freely configurable palette enables you to place database components like racks, ducts or sockets via mouse click into your diagrams. Cable and duct lengths can be calculated automatically. A layer technology is used, where single layers with their elements can be switched on and off for reasons of clarity.

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  • Physical connectivity management (ISO Layer-1)
  • Photorealistic rack view and connection analyses
  • Automated patch and work orders for project planning and scheduling
  • Wizards for mass connections
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