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Bridging the gap between IT and business

AixBOMS Business Service Management: Software for the Management of IT Services

Nowadays, the slogan „Business meets IT!“ usually refers to the requirements of business service management with their common goal of assigning the essential business processes with their sub processes and services to the IT environment and monitoring them as a service.

AixBOMS Business Service Management meets the challenge of integrating complex service dependencies with the infrastructure information (CIs) and master data already available in the CMDB. Moreover, with this application the design, allocation and modification of service structures and nettings as well as making them available to monitoring consoles will be noticeably simplified. Standardized template and status models assist in defining mass services (“one-time administration, n-time application”) and complex multi-hierarchical service structures which can be applied for duplication.

AixBOMS BSM Hierarchy Editor

AixBOMS BSM Hierarchy Editor

AixBOMS BSM Impact Editor

AixBOMS BSM Impact Editor

With the help of analytical tools individual service components can be broken down via top down analysis, whereas the impact analysis displays service aggregation and impact in great detail. Hereby relations between individual elements are clearly specified and prioritized, such as “doesn’t run without” or “is redundant to”. The transparency established in this way lets you, for example, identify the required action in case of a problem thus ensuring the quality of your business processes.

AixBOMS BSM Dashboard

AixBOMS BSM Dashboard

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  • Service topology shows dependency between infrastructure and services
  • Topology editors and templates for service trees and service catalogs
  • Graphical top down analysis to identify the root cause
  • Impact analysis shows customers and components affected, minimizes risk of change
  • Integration of contractual, customer and personal data, SLA, OLA and UC


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